AstroPay launches VISA debit card

London, 23rd June 2022 | AstroPay, the online payment solution of choice for over six million users worldwide, has launched its new product in Europe, a VISA debit card. This move expands the reach of AstroPay’s user base while simultaneously providing existing customers with more benefits. The product will be available in Europe with launch in other markets expected in the next few months.

The launch of this new debit card signifies a strategic partnership with VISA, the most widely accepted payment network in European markets, which aims to continue providing simple, safe and secure solutions. Users can now apply for a VISA debit card through the AstroPay application, which is issued instantly and can be used to make payments both online and in store by using a passthrough wallet in the end. Users can also use their balance in any merchant that accepts VISA without the need for intermediaries, making the payment journey simpler and more straightforward.

The worldwide recognized brand further complements the ecosystem of solutions that AstroPay offers to its customers.

Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay, said: “Our partnership with VISA and Wallester advances our ambition to meet the unique needs of our users who remain at the centre of AstroPay’s work. We are focused on constantly improving our solutions and providing our users with new digital payment services that are secure, seamless and convenient. The new debit card will save people’s time and effort in making transactions wherever they are.”

AstroPay partners with a white label card issuer Wallester that provides the technology and enables transaction processing services on VISA for AstroPay users. Commenting on the partnership, Mikael added: “Working with Wallester allows us to launch a competitive product in record time and helps us accelerate our growth. Together, we co-create tech solutions and launch new innovative products to serve the needs of our users.”

Dmitri Logvinenko, Technical Founder of Wallesters, said: “Wallester team is extremely excited that cooperation with AstroPay has become such a successful and valuable experience for both companies. We are pleased that our product fully met the needs of AstroPay customers, who will now be able to make payments in a more convenient way, using effective solutions in practice. Wallester is looking forward to new successful launches of innovative fintech products in partnership with AstroPay.”

About AstroPay

Founded in 2009, AstroPay is a pioneer in global payment solutions. It is the payment solution of choice for millions of customers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe who want to make online purchases on international sites, and it also aims to help merchants access markets more easily and securely.

AstroPay has offices in the UK and Latin America, with over six million users, over 1,000 merchants, and more than 200 payment methods available globally. It has extensive experience in handling the specificities of different markets, offering an efficient solution to all its customers: merchants, end users, and business partners.





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