At AstroPay, we know that our culture is the foundation of our success. We are a team of innovative and ambitious individuals who are passionate about making a lasting impact.
We have created a special formula for our culture, that is the foundation of everything that we do and strive to achieve: Passion + Action = Legacy 


At AstroPay we love what we do. Passion is the driving force that motivates and energizes us. In AstroPay we value passionate people that demonstrate.  


· Lead by doing and roll up your sleeves and get into work.
· Taking initiative and proactively identifying, addressing issues, and looking for ways to improve.
· Want and accept responsibility for their actions and decisions.
· Hold colleagues to the same standards they hold themselves to.


· Take risks, try new things, and embrace change. You are not afraid to venture into uncharted territory.
· Approach difficult situations with determination and a positive attitude.
· Ask for feedback and are open to constructive criticism. You are willing to learn and grow from their experiences.
· Are not afraid to voice your opinions and share your ideas, even if they differ from the majority or are unpopular.


At AstroPay we make things happen. We value proactivity, decisiveness and risk-taking. People with bias-to-action share these values.


· Being relentlessly focused on turning ideas into reality, you get things done.
· Are able to make quick decisions and take calculated risks.
· Learn rapidly and eagerly.
· Expect everyone, even if they disagree, to commit and execute.


· Look for every opportunity to reduce complexity and streamline processes.
· Communicate in a clear, straightforward manner, avoiding ambiguity and confusing language.
· Prioritize the most important tasks and eliminate distractions and unnecessary activities.
· Place high value on customer experience and minimize any friction.


At AstroPay we strive to leave a mark. We relentlessly work to awe, inspire and create lasting impact. 


· Visionary mindset with a clear long term vision.
· Always looking ahead and anticipate future trends and challenges.
· Break  free from traditional thinking and embracing new and innovative ideas.
· Strive for greatness. Are ambitious and plan to win, play to win and expect to win.


· Putting the customer first, listening to their needs and wants.
· Deliver an experience that exceeds customer expectations.
· Pay attention and think on every single detail that can make a big difference.
· Embrace change and try new things to improve.


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